I’ve had chronic neck issues for the past 15 years which caused debilitating headaches at least twice a month. In late 2014, I began experiencing severe pain in my hip which made sitting and sleeping extremely uncomfortable and difficult. I was so happy to meet Dr. Lisa, who recognized that the sources of my pain were being caused by the misalignment of my spine and my neck causing pinching of my nerves and knots in my muscles. Prior to treatment, I had been on a steady diet of ibuprofen to help ease my pain. Dr. Lisa skillfully worked with my spine and neck; relieving the nerve pain and muscle tightening after several weeks of chiropractic care. My body went from being in a chronic and excrutiating state of pain to feeling relaxed with only minor episodes of pain after a month of treatment. I can sleep and sit without being in extreme pain! Dr. Lisa is amazing!
~ Karen K.


I recently went through the 21 day detox with the help and guidance of Dr. Lisa. I am not afraid to admit that I got lazy and fell into some bad eating habits and with increasing age felt it was the time to get my weight and diet in check.

Enter Dr. Lisa and the 21 day detox. Yes, the first week or so was hard. But, Dr. Lisa showed patience, understanding and a guiding hand with recipes and suggestions to get me through that initial period. I lost close to 20 pounds during the 21 days, but more importantly the detox changed the way I eat, what I eat and what I am putting into my body. It has now been a month or so after I finished the detox and my weight loss is about 24 pounds. My energy is better, I sleep better, my mood is better and more importantly my diet and eating habits are leading me to a much improved life style.

I thank Dr. Lisa for guiding me through the detox and I would highly recommend the program to “reset” your eating habits and system…with Dr. Lisa leading you through the process.
~ Mark H.


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Back pain doesn’t have to be forever. Back pain doesn’t have to ruin your life. Most importantly, listen to your body! These are just some of the things I’ve learned from Dr. Lisa over the last year. Occasional back pain was something I had learned to live with over the last few years. I would have a pain flair up every so many months– it would come & go and I really wouldn’t worry about it too much. That is, until a flair up came and didn’t go away. It got worse- MUCH worse. I went from a very active person to someone who had to use a rolling chair to get around her apartment, because walking more than a few feet caused immense pain. I reached a point of not being able to drive my car– pushing the pedals and simply getting in and out of the car became more than I could handle. Dr. Lisa recommended decompression therapy for my treatment. She was very honest with me– this was not going to be a one time miracle fix. I would need to be patient, follow her recommendations for resting and stretching when I could. She was right, it wasn’t a one time fix, but she was also right about being patient, resting and stretching when I could. During the 20 sessions of decompression therapy, I went from my lowest low to slowly regaining my life. I was able to shower instead of bathe, I was able to drive instead of being driven, and I was able to go hours, then days without crying from the pain.

In the time since decompression therapy ended, I have become a competitive strong(wo)man athlete– even placing in 2nd place in my very first competition! I still see Dr. Lisa for adjustments and consider her an integral part of my overall well-being. I highly recommend her–her knowledge, patience, & genuine concern for her client’s well-being are unmatched!
~ Crystal L.

As a competitive strength athlete, my body takes a beating and Dr. Lisa is always there to put it back together and make it even better than it was before. She has helped me rehab injuries, provides regular adjustments, and special treatment when I need it. Her knowledge about the human body and athletics sets her apart. Her chiropractic care is an invaluable part of my recovery routine.
~ Gabrielle B.